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We are a newly established architectural firm based in Athens, and on the Aegean island of Nisyros.  Our firm is committed to design excellence, originality and integrity that derive from our deep knowledge and understanding of the Greek vernacular architecture.

The architectural services that we offer are of very high standards.  

Through our work we try to preserve Greece’s unique cultural inheritance, by respecting the local architecture and the historic knowledge of the passive building systems, practiced by the locals for centuries, while borrowing them and tailoring them to meet today’s standards of low energy and bioclimatic design. We are also interested in historic preservation in the most sustainable way, by prescribing the top of today’s efficient green materials.  

Our interiors try to reflect the same commitment, by creating elegant naturally lit spaces using a mix of local and new materials, incorporating in the interiors the distinctive atmosphere of each place, and at the same time meeting each client’s objectives.   

We firmly believe that the garden or the landscaped environment of a building is a very special spiritual place, unique for each building and each client. We specify trees and plants from the Mediterranean basin and borrow scents and scenery from the ever so beautiful natural surroundings of the Greek landscape into our gardens.  

Together with the residential projects, we are ready to put our gathered knowledge into practice by exploring the hospitality sector.  Our past experience with large hotel/resort projects has taught us  that hotels in our time however the size, have to meet not only the guests’ functional requirements and the ever changing guest expectations,  but also to provide the guest a unique memorable experience.  

The Greek islands local architecture has taught us that it is our responsibility to be sensitive to any new intervention to the landscape whether that is a new building, or a garden, and to successfully adapt to the unique qualities of each place.

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